How to choose the christening outfit for a child? How to choose the christening outfit for a child?

How to choose the christening outfit for a child?

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When it comes to preparing for christening, many parents worry about how to choose clothes for the baby. As it should be beautiful, comfortable and conforms to church traditions. We have been sewing clothes for christenings for 12 years, and thousands of parents have entrusted us with the creation of festive clothes for their babies. In this article, we have collected all our experience and will share it with you. So, what do you need to pay attention to when choosing clothes for a christening?

What are the clothes for christening?

First, you need to decide in which clothes you would like to baptize your baby. Usually, children are dressed in festive sets of light color, which can be monochrome or decorated with embroidery or lace. Sometimes parents choose a simple white gown and cap. This is a unisex option that suits both boys and girls. A standard set of boy’s christening clothes consists of:

  • Shirt;
  • Pants;
  • Hat;
  • Booties.

A girl’s outfit is:

  • Dress;
  • Pants;
  • Cap or headband;
  • Booties.

You might also need a christening blanket. And to make the baby feel comfortable, like in the mother’s tummy, we advise you to wrap the baby in an envelope. A complete set for baptism with all the necessary accessories can be purchased in our store.

What to pay attention to when choosing christening clothes?

When you decide what you would like to dress your child in, pay attention to the points that should be taken into account when choosing a set. Christening clothes must meet certain criteria. When children are comfortable and cozy, they can quietly sleep and see sweet dreams during the entire ceremony.

Season. If baptism is planned in winter, early spring or late autumn, choose clothes insulated with fleece or plush. Pay attention to warm envelopes and blankets. In particular, on the towels, which instantly absorb moisture. Even in a cool temple, the baby will be dry and comfortable.

If the christening will take place in the summer, buy a cotton or linen suit for a boy or a dress for a girl. You can also complement the look with a light lining envelope, which will protect the little one from the wind.

Fabric. Choose only natural fabrics such as linen or cotton. Clothes can be decorated with synthetic materials, but they should not touch the baby’s skin. Check with the manufacturer which materials they use to sew the outfit. It is better to skip a beautiful dress, if later you have to deal with the baby’s irritated skin.

Cut. During the Sacrament of Baptism, the priest anoints the hands, feet, head and chest of the child. Baptism clothes should have easy access to these areas. That is why all the girls’ sets in our workshop have pants, not pantyhose.

Style. Think about what you would like to do with baby’s clothes and accessories after the christening. Someone carefully puts everything in a box and keeps it as a memory. And for some, the practical side of the outfit is a must. So, clothes and blankets are used after christening. Both options are great. If you are inclined to the second, think about the holidays that you can visit in the near future. And how would you dress the child for these occasions. So you can choose the right outfit for multiple parties.

Size. Children grow up very quickly, so buy clothes no more than two weeks before the event. However, do not take a size that is too large in hope that the baby will catch up. A child may be uncomfortable in clothes that are too loose. And it is not very comfortable to hold a baby like that in the church. It is best to measure the height and size of the leg before purchasing and check with the consultant which set will be the right fit.

And, most importantly, you should like the christening outfit you are going to order. After all, baptism is one of the happiest days in life. Let everything be joyous on this day.

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