Christening sets for girls

Christening outfits and sets for a girl

Christening is usually the first big holiday in your little princess’s life. We make it our mission to make her shine on this day. We offer a wide selection of girl baptism outfits and accessories. In our catalog you will find many designs, ornaments, colors and embroidery patterns. We pay extra-attention to the comfort of your baby-girl and use only natural fabric, lace and threads.

High-quality clothes for the girl baptism

We make complete girls’ christening sets. Starting from outfits to envelopes, personalized christening blankets and accessories. Our managers help with size and materials.

We sew girl’s christening clothes of various designs, ornaments and colors, decorated with hand and machine embroidery. We use only natural fabric, lace and threads.

What is in the sets for the girl’s baptism

We offer ready-made sets to create the perfect christening look. Such sets are made in the same style and decorated with the same ornament. It creates the feeling of the whole picture and looks great in the photo.

If you do not need a complete set, you can order its separate elements.

A complete christening set for a girl consists of:

  • A set of clothes (dress, pants, hat, booties, headband, belt for some models. All items are indicated in the description of each set);
  • Christening towel or blanket (can be personalized). The complete set includes two christening towels (for both godparents). The number of towels may be changed at your request;
  • Envelope for baptism (summer, demi-season or winter);
  • Two christening candles (the number of candles can be changed);
  • Keepsake bag for the first curl;
  • Decorative pillow for a cross pendant;
  • Gifts for godparents (embroidered towels, photo frames, cups).

Christening outfit

Girl’s christening clothes should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable for the child. In our sets, all accessories have a soft surface and neat seams that do not rub the baby’s delicate skin. Our clothes are free enough and don’t restrict movements. Each element of the set corresponds to the height and age of the child.

After the sacrament of baptism, christening outfits are kept as a memory of this solemn day. They can also be used after the girl’s christening. A christening blanket is often used as a regular blanket in a stroller or bed. We offer many classic sets which can be worn long after the christening.

Towel and envelope for baptism

A complete girl’s christening set should have a towel to wipe a baby after the bathing at the ceremony. You can also use a christening blanket for this purpose. The towel or the blanket must be soft and of fabric that can easily absorb moisture. It can also be decorated with thematic embroidery. We have a huge selection of embroidered designs, such as little angels, Virgin Mary, flowers, birds and signs of the cross.

To keep the baby-girl warm after bathing, many towels have a hood. A set with a baptismal blanket can be personalized with embroidered initials or the girl’s name on the corner of the blanket. Also, an embroidered inscription can include a name, date of birth or date of baptism.

If you are christening the baby during the cold time of the year, take care of the envelope. The child will be warm and comfortable in it. Many of our christening sets come with envelopes with different levels of insulation.

How to buy christening clothes for a girl

Consider two main factors when choosing a christening gown:

  • Time of year and weather. Choose clothes for baptism from materials that correspond to the season. In the summer it can be light fabrics, such as satin, batiste, natural home-made cotton. In winter, pay attention to items insulated with fleece or additional lining.
  • The right size. An outfit that is too small will cause discomfort to the child, and an outfit that is too big will not look aesthetically in the photo.

To choose the size of clothes for a girl’s christening, you need to measure:

  • Baby’s height;
  • Head circumference (optional);
  • Foot length (optional).

If you are having difficulties with measurements, contact us. We will help you choose the right size.

Complete Christening Set for a Baby Girl
What is included in a complete christening set for a baby girl?
Girl's complete christening sets include all items necessary for the ceremony. This typically includes a christening outfit for the girl (usually a dress, pants, bonnet, headband, and booties), 2 baptismal blankets from both godparents, at least 1 set of candles, a decorative pillow for the cross pendant, and a small keepsake bag for the first lock of hair. Mothers and godmothers should also have headscarves during the ceremony.
Can I make changes to the complete christening set?
Yes, you can order a customized set for a baby girl's christening. We offer ready-made assembled sets for baby girls' christening, which are our most popular products. You can modify the color of embroidery, accessories, and inscriptions on the baptismal garments.
What is the production time for a complete christening set?
The production time for a complete set for a baby girl's christening typically takes 1-3 days from the moment the customer fully agrees and pays the deposit. If you need it urgently, you can call our managers, and they will suggest options for complete sets from the available in-stock items.
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