Baptism towels

Baptism towels by “Mommy’s Sunshine”: wrap your baby in love and care!

Are you waiting to become a godparent? We are here to share this sweet anticipation with you. Such careful preparation will turn into an unforgettable celebration. While parents are getting ready for the christening, we are ready to help you with baby’s christening clothes and accessories. In particular, with baptismal blanket.

In some traditions, the child’s godparents buy a christening blanket or christening towel. During the baptism, the baby is wrapped in it as a sign that he or she is now under God’s protection and acquiring the care of their Guardian Angel.

The christening towel is kept as one of the main family heirlooms, and then passed on to next generations.

Our christening towels are the best solution for godparents:

3 reasons to choose a baptismal towel as your perfect gift

We provide a fair choice of baptismal blankets: made of terry cloth, cotton and linen, with lace and satin ribbons, white and ivory, personalized with embroidered inscription. However, our special love is baptismal towels. And here’s why:

  1. It is easy to choose a towel for a season. If you are going to baptize a child in winter, take a look at the terry cloths: the child will be warm and cozy in them. Choose a cotton or linen towel for summer festivity. A warm baptism towel with a corner made of terry cloth is an ideal option for spring or autumn;
  2. It is a practical gift. After the celebrations, young parents will be able to use it as a bath towel. Models made of natural moisture-absorbing fabric are the best choice. With terry cloth towels, the child’s sleep after bathing will be sound and sweet. Such towels can also be used as a regular blanket;
  3. Terry cloth, cotton and linen baptismal towels are perfect for decorating them with name embroidery. The towel’s shape allows the godparents to free their imagination. You can order an embroidered child’s name, metric, or wishes on the corner or on the main part of the towel.

We are so happy to be a part of your celebration and baptism of a little, sweet baby!

TOP-7 reasons to choose a towel by “Mommy’s Sunshine”:

It is so important to know that everything will go great at your big event. We are committed to guarantee that everything will be smooth on our part. We guarantee:

  1. Excellent quality. All towels are made of natural certified materials – terry cloth, plush, linen, cotton. Such towels are light, absorb moisture, and do not cause allergies. Each stitch is done with almost jewelry accuracy and is securely hidden so as not to injure the sensitive skin of the child. Our quality specialist checks each package before sending, to be sure that you will get a perfect baptismal blanket;
  2. Wide choice. Huge terry cloth towel with silver embroidery or cute peach towel? We offer more than 10 designs of christening towels. We assure you that you will find a towel you will fall in love with;
  3. Individual approach. We believe that every child is a whole Universe with a unique personality. We will be happy to emphasize their individuality. Not only that, but we offer a personalized decoration of a christening towel with embroidery. You can order embroidering the baby’s name, metric, date of baptism or birth. We will be delighted to bring any of your ideas to life. A personalized towel for christening will be made within 2 weeks. It will become a precious family heirloom!
  4. Affordable prices. No need to explain, just check prices at our catalog;
  5. Complete christening sets. We appreciate your time and effort. We offer more than a white terry towel for baptism, but the whole baptismal box. In a few clicks, you can buy everything the baby needs for the ceremony, from a hat and booties to symbolic gifts for the godparents. Our manager will help you collect a complete baptism set made in similar colors and with matching ornaments;
  6. Eco-friendly packaging. We create a baptism towel with a thought about the baby’s future. Therefore, we carefully wrap each christening towel in recycled paper and put it in a paper bag. We don’t use plastic!
  7. Fast worldwide delivery. We deliver to almost any country over the globe within 30 days.

May your baby grow happily under the peaceful sky and around people who love them!

Frequently asked questions when buying baptismal towels
When should you choose a baptismal towel?
If you are looking for a practical gift, a baptismal towel is likely to be your top choice from our entire range of products. This towel can be used not only during the baptismal ceremony but also for daily bathing of the child. The natural terry cloth absorbs moisture well, providing extra comfort.
Does a baptismal towel have to be purely white?
In our assortment, you can find not only snowy white baptismal blankets but also ivory-colored towels and darker shades of beige. Most priests from various denominations allow the use of baptismal towels in different designs. If you have doubts about the color of the towel, it is advisable to consult with your priest.
Why does a baptismal towel have a hood?
Baptismal towels are designed with a special hood that can conveniently be placed on the child's head after bathing or immersion in water during the baptismal ceremony. This design allows for easy drying and moisture absorption from the child's head.
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