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Warm baptismal blanket by “Mommy’s Sunshine”: as soft as marshmallows

Baptism is a significant event in the life of a child and their loved ones. It is a day when a baby gets a Guardian Angel and also the named parents – godfather and godmother.

If you are preparing for this honorary title, we sincerely congratulate and advise you to buy a traditional baptismal gift – christening blanket. It is a blanket or a towel in which a child is wrapped at the baptism ceremony.

There are many options, and one of the most popular is warm baptismal blankets.

If you want to make the perfect christening gift, but got lost among a long list of velour and terry cloth fabrics, models with lace, hoods and satin ribbons – choose a warm baptismal blanket.

It is a win-win choice for the ceremony and life after it. And here is why:

  • A warm christening blanket is perfect for the cold season. If the holiday takes place in autumn or winter, the baby will be as comfortable as in their own crib. At our store, you will find insulated terry or velour blankets;
  • The blanket can be used after the ceremony. You can use it to warm the baby in a crib or a stroller. Our high-quality christening blanket from “Mommy’s Sunshine” will easily withstand the test of numerous washes;
  • The blanket can become a family heirloom. We suggest you choose the warm blanket with embroidered inscription. It can find its place along with the first baby pictures, strand of hair and other cute memories from early childhood. You can order an embroidery with the date of birth, metric or wishes from the godparents;
  • Warm baptismal blanket will fit everybody and everywhere. It will be perfect for both boys and girls. A terry, plush or velvet, it will become a baby’s favorite thing after baptism.

Looking for The One blanket for your child? We are ready to make a perfect christening blanket for your little sweet baby.

Warm baptismal blanket: 7 reasons, why you should buy it from “Mommy’s Sunshine”:

If you want a flawless christening ceremony, we are looking forward to helping you. We are real fans of our business and are ready to offer:

    1. Rich choice. It is hard to stop when we are doing things we love. That’s why you can browse between more than 20 models of warm christening blankets in our online catalog. You can choose what suits you best: plush, terry cloth, velour, with and without a hood, with or without personalized embroidery. We are sure that you will find exactly the one that is intended for your sweet child. Our managers will be happy to help you choose a christening blanket;
  • Flawless quality. We use certified natural fabrics which are gentle to the skin, absorb moisture and do not cause allergies. All seams are reliably stitched and hidden so as not to rub the baby’s skin. We use high-quality fabrics for embroidery. Before sending, the blanket must pass quality control: we check each and every detail to be sure that you will get a perfect sample!
  1. Reasonable prices. We know how to combine beauty with an adequate price. No need to explain more, just check our online catalog;
  2. Individual approach. Your baby has unique eyes, cheeks, name, metric and personality. We offer you to preserve these unique signs in embroidered inscriptions. Choose a model you like, and we will embroider your important words. A baptism blanket with a name and date of birth can become a family heirloom. It will remind you of the celebration for many years. We are ready to apply a pattern or text of almost any complexity. It takes us up to two weeks to make a personalized blanket;
  3. Full baptismal set. You can buy everything a baby needs for christening in our shop. It takes time and effort to arrange a ceremony, organize a banquet, take care of clothes for family members… Are you dizzy from all these worries? We offer to save time and effort by buying not only a christening blanket, but also a complete box of baptism stuff. You will get everything from a suit and booties to candles and a decorative pillow for the cross pendant. All items will be complete in the same range of colors and with the similar ornament. Our managers will help you to choose a set, considering the gender, age of the child and your aesthetic preferences. We are sure: your little one will be the prettiest on the festive day!
  4. Eco-friendly. When creating something for children, it is impossible to remain indifferent to the future of the planet where they will live. We carefully pack each blanket in a paper gift bag. We avoid plastic and use only natural materials;
  5. Worldwide delivery. We deliver over the globe by Meest Express. The delivery takes up to 30 days.

We wish all the kids good health, a carefree childhood and many reasons for happy smiles! 🙂

Frequently asked questions when buying warm baptismal blankets
What are the advantages of a warm baptismal blanket?
A warm baptismal blanket is an ideal gift for a child's baptism because you can never have too many blankets when you have a newborn at home. They can be used for daytime naps, as a cover, or for taking the baby on a stroll. Additionally, we offer FREE embroidery of children's names on warm baptismal blankets. Since there is a hem, you can have multiple inscriptions on such a blanket.
Can I choose my own design for a baptismal blanket, combining different options from the website?
Yes, it is possible. We recommend exploring our entire range of warm baptismal blankets and creating your own design based on what you see. You can combine elements from different blankets to craft your unique design. Warm baptismal blankets have embroidery space in all four corners, allowing you to showcase your creativity.
How much does it cost to embroider a child's name on a baptismal blanket?
Embroidering a child's name on baptismal blankets is FREE!
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