Baptismal candles

Candles for baptism from “Mommy’s Sunshine”: bright like sun, warm like hugs

Christening is a touching ceremony and every detail has a deep meaning. Candles are no exception. Godparents hold them during the ceremony. It symbolizes their readiness to become mentors, who will illuminate the baby’s life path with their wisdom and warmth.

In Ukraine, it has been believed that a christening candle also has a powerful positive energy, so after the ceremony it was carefully kept and lit when the baby was sick or fussy.

We offer a wide selection of decorative baptismal candles. They will decorate the ceremony, and can become a family heirloom after it:

5 reasons to choose baptismal candles made by “Mommy’s Sunshine”:

  1. You can buy christening candles as a part of a complete christening set (one candle for each godparent) or separately. Buying a full set will save you time and energy and get everything you might need for the baptism in one package;
  2. We decorate candles with special “skirts” that protect fingers from melted wax. Also, at your request, we can decorate candles with lace and ribbons. Small details create a festive atmosphere! Protective “skirts” on candles from complete christening sets have decorations which complement other accessories, such as a bag for the first curl, a pillow for a cross pendant, baby’s clothes, etc. It looks lovely in photos and in a real life;
  3. You can also buy simple white candles for christening, on which any decor looks harmonious. Our managers will be happy to help you choose among options;
  4. You can choose decoration for the candles from our catalog. Also, you can create a personalized embroidered decoration for candles, baptismal blanket and elements of children’s christening clothes. It takes us up to one week to make an individual order;
  5. We carefully monitor the quality of the fabric and threads that we use to sew napkins for baptism candles. We use only natural certified materials that retain their original appearance for a long time and do not cause allergic reactions.

We wish your sweet child to grow up healthy and happy, surrounded by love and kind people.

Frequently asked questions when buying baptism candles
How many candles do I need for the baptism ceremony? Are candles provided at the church?
At the minimum, you need to have 2 small candles – one for the godfather and one for the godmother. Of course, you won't be left without candles if you don't have decorated ones. The church will provide plain orange candles. However, in our opinion, decorated candles look much better.
Can the embroidery on the napkins be in a different color than shown in the photos?
Yes, you can order embroidery of our designs in any colors that match your attire or the baby's clothing.
Can I buy only the decorations for the candles?
Yes. We understand that you may have your own candles. That's why we offer the option to purchase candle decorations separately, without the candles.
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