Women stoles for baptism ceremony


According to the Ukrainian Christian tradition, at the baptism the baby joins the rites of the Church and receives the Guardian Angel.

On this day, every detail should testify to the solemnity of the moment, including the outfit of the parents, the newborn and the godparents. In some Christian traditions, women should cover their heads when visiting the temple. The elegant solution to this is a hooded headscarf, which looks like a cape with a hood. Once you wear it, you wouldn’t want to take it off.

TOP-5 reasons to buy a laced headscarf for the baptism ceremony.

A headscarf in church isn’t just an elegant fashion hint. There are more arguments to make it a part of your festive look:

  • A white cape with a hood fully aligns with the church traditions. It covers not only the head, but also the shoulders and back. So, you can wear the dress with the open back and still have a modest look during the ceremony;
  • The hooded headscarf does not slip off the head due to special ties. It is especially comfortable for the godmother, as during the ceremony, she repeatedly takes the baby in her arms. In addition, the fabric of the scarf is almost weightless and wouldn’t mess up the hairstyle;
  • The white scarf will suit almost any outfit. With a hooded head scarf for mother and godmother, it will not be a problem to create a harmonious look for baptism;
  • It is an elegant solution. A hooded headscarf with lace looks more refined and fashionable than a regular headscarf. Also, it is an original way to emphasize the solemnity of the event. Let every memorable moment of the christening be recorded in memory, photos and videos!
  • A headscarf will serve its owner more than once. It will be appropriate for any visit to the temple. Some fashionistas also use it in creative urban looks. For example, such a headscarf will protect you from the summer heat.

Want to buy a hooded scarf with lace? We assure you that it will become one of your favorite accessories:

Bridal veil by “Mommy’s Sunshine”: a symbol of innocence

We believe that the festive atmosphere is up to the details, such as beautiful venues, smiles and hugs of loved ones, and also special accessories… That is why we sew each veil with a warmth in our hearts, knowing that it will become an important detail of the festivity.

We offer veils, which will surely take a worthy place in the closet and can be worn even after the wedding. And here is why:

  • Aesthetics. White lace fabric with the most delicate patterns is so nice to touch that you will want to wear it again and again;
  • Quality. The veil is made of safe certified fabrics, and the quality of the seams will please even from the most perfectionist bride;
  • Multifunctionality. After the wedding, a white lace scarf will surely serve you many more times: the accessory can be worn on the head when visiting church, and also create interesting looks with light summer dresses;
  • Comfort. White lace veils will lie beautifully on the head, framing the face of the bride, without messing the hairstyle;
  • Affordable price. A good wedding scarf does not have to be expensive. It is easy to make sure of this by visiting our website.

We sincerely wish every bride: may the love nurture your family for many happy years.

A hooded headscarf by “Mommy’s Sunshine”: 7 reasons to fall in love with it once and for all!

  • Guaranteed quality. We are sincerely in love with our business and the people who will wear our products. We invest this love along with our experience and knowledge into each headscarf. Our hooded head scarfs are a magical mix of weightless fabric, natural lace and satin ties. We work only with certified materials on modern, new equipment. We have a separate position – quality controller, who carefully checks all the stitches and seams so that you are 100% satisfied with the scarf. Thanks to such a responsible approach, our head scarfs will remain its look for a long time, even after repeated washing. Such a headscarf is a long-term investment in your wardrobe;
  • A unique design. We have developed more than ten unique models of hooded head scarfs for the church and continue to work on expanding the assortment. All our models are unique. Therefore, you will not see anyone wearing the same scarf as yours. If you have your own ideas, we can bring them to life – just contact our managers and tell them about it.
  • Affordable price. In our online store, you can find beautiful headscarves for a fair price;
  • Eco-friendly packaging. Baptism is always about inner light and spiritual warmth. Making scarves for such an event, we cannot be indifferent to the world we live in. That’s why we carefully wrap all our products in recycled paper and put them in a gift cardboard box. We don’t use plastic in our packages;
  • Complete christening sets. Besides the headscarf, there are a lot of things to take care of. In our complete baptismal set, you will find clothing and accessories that will perfectly complement each other due to the similar color scheme and the same pattern. Our consultants are happy to help you choose everything the baby needs for baptism, taking into account the age of the child, the size of the clothes and your aesthetic preferences. You can choose a set in classical or traditional fashion;
  • Wholesale and retail. If you need more than a few hooded headscarves, we will send you as many as you need;
  • Fast manufacturing. It takes us less than 7 days to create the most complicated individual order. Worldwide delivery will ship your order to any country within 30 days.

We congratulate you and your loved ones with a baptism. We wish every kid a happy childhood: let there be a lot of laughter, unforgettable moments and bright adventures!

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