Baptism towels and blankets for baby girl

Baptismal blankets for girls by “Mommy’s Sunshine”: it’s all about tenderness

Getting ready to become a godmother or a godfather? Congratulations! We are here to help you plan an unforgettable celebration!

According to the old tradition, godparents need to buy the baptismal blanket. It is a special towel in which they wrap a baby during the ceremony. We prepared a few tips on how to choose a perfect christening blanket.

3 tips on how to buy a baptismal blanket for a girl that will become a family heirloom:

Baptism is an important and touching ceremony, so every detail should indicate the solemnity of the moment. The christening blanket is no exception.

  1. Consider the time of year. Choose blankets made of thin and light material for the summer ceremonies. In winter it is better to stick to the warm, insulated baptism blankets with hoods. We also offer demiseason blankets for moderate weather;
  2. Make it personal. You can turn an ordinary blanket into a special gift that your goddaughter will cherish even after she grows up. Celebrate her uniqueness with the embroidered baptism blanket. You can order an embroidered inscription of the name, metric or a short wish;
  3. Consider the aesthetic preferences of the girl’s parents. Our most beloved designs are classic christening blankets with embroidered angels, flowers and signs of crosses. The most popular colors are white, light pink, and ivory. Usually blankets are decorated with lace and satin ribbons. You can also choose folk motifs of traditional Ukrainian embroidery, where every piece of the ornament is full of the sacral meaning.

Need help choosing a christening towel for your goddaughter? Our consultants are happy to help you pick the best option for your little angel!

Personalized baptismal blanket for a girl with embroidered name inscription

We are deeply in love with our business. It is more than designing christening outfits. We feel that we are creating a mood for the whole celebration. Therefore, when you are buying our christening towels, suits, caps, blanket envelopes and accessories such as pillows for the cross pendant or bag for the first curl, you can expect that you will get more than these. Our additional values are:

  • Individual approach. We know how responsible and sometimes hard it is to choose a name for the baby. And how much meaning parents put in the name. We are happy to embroider this sweet baby’s name on the girl’s baptism blanket. It can be complemented with an embroidered metric, short prayer or a wish. It will make the blanket totally one of a kind. You can choose an ornament or inscription from our designs or create your own. It takes us up to two weeks to create a unique blanket by your design and up to 30 days for worldwide delivery;
  • Impeccable quality. We make all our products of natural fabrics: linen, cotton, velour, plush. They are hypoallergenic, light and absorb moisture. Our baptismal blankets will make a great bath towel or regular blanket after the christening. Blankets have an additional layer of fabric which gently caresses delicate baby’s skin. We pay attention to the very smallest detail. Even threads in our products are natural and safe;
  • Whole christening outfit in one box. Getting ready for a celebration can be hasty. That’s why we created a full set of christening clothes and accessories. You and your baby will be completely ready for the Big Day. All items from the set are matching with each other and create a beautiful look.

We wish your little baby easy life paths in the company of the Guardian Angel! Let their lives be full of joy and sunshine!

Frequently asked questions when buying baptismal blankets for girls
Which girls baptismal blankets are the most popular?
Traditionally, the most popular baptismal blankets for baby girls are those with embroidered angels and the Virgin Mary. You can choose the design of the baptismal blankets from a wide variety of options available on our website.
On which baptismal blankets can the child's name be embroidered?
You can order the child's name embroidered on any baptismal blanket, including thin ones, towel-style ones, and warm ones. By the way, the embroidery of the child's name on warm baptismal blankets is FREE of charge!
What is the purpose of a baptismal blanket?
A baptismal blanket is one of the essential attributes of the baptism ceremony. It is used during the baptism ritual and kept afterward as a keepsake. Typically, two baptismal blankets are required for the ceremony – one from the godmother and one from the godfather.
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