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Embroidered christening baby’s shirt


Embroidered shirts are an extremely popular baptism outfit. Unlike other festive clothes, each element of the traditional embroidery is full of meaning. The color of the fabric, embroidery, and elements of the ornament tell a certain story. 


We offer traditional and modern machine-made embroidered children’s clothes for girls and boys. 


Handmade embroidery for babies

To choose the size of a children’s christening shirt, measure the kid’s height. If you are choosing booties size, measure the foot length. For headband size, measure a child’s head around its largest area.


We deliver all over the world by Meest Express. 


Baptismal dresses for newborn girls


The christening dress is the first festive outfit for your little cutie. White color is the most common among baptism dresses. Snow-white fabric can be decorated with delicate embroidery or lace. We also advise choosing matching accessories, such as booties, and headbands to create the full look. 


We offer full baptismal outfits for girls with fully-matching clothing and accessories. Also, you can buy separate items from the set.  


We always have all sizes and designs in stock. So, the delivery won’t take longer than expected and your package will be sent to you right after ordering it. 


How to choose a christening dress 


Make cure that you’ve considered the following:

Size. Measure the child’s height to get the right size of the dress. If you are going to buy booties, measure foot length. For a headband or a cap, take head circumference measurement;

Weather. Consider the time of the year and the temperature of the place where you will baptize a child. If it is going to be a church, ask about the usual temperature in it. Old temples might be cold even during the summer heat;

Texture. Newborn babies have very delicate skin. Lace, embroidery and other decorative elements shouldn’t irritate it. We create dresses exclusively from natural materials that gently caress baby’s skin. So, your baby will look and feel lovely. 


Shirts, Embroidered Shirts, and Dresses for Girls
Which is better to buy – a long shirt or a dress?
"A long shirt or a dress? This is a question our customers often ask when exploring our range. What do we recommend? If you want to buy a garment that you will use for years, it's worth purchasing a long raglan shirt with a traditional cut. You can initially wear it as a shirt, then as a tunic, and even as a blouse in a few years. If you are looking for a festive option for embroidered clothing, we strongly recommend choosing dresses with shoulder seams and a waistline.For more detailed consultations, please contact our consultants. You can call or message us on Viber."
How to choose the size of an embroidered shirt or dress?
"The primary thing for choosing the size of clothing from ""Mommy's Sunshine"" is the child's height. Measure your child's current height and consider when you need the embroidered shirt or dress. Then, write to us. Based on your preferences and measurement data, we can recommend the appropriate size.If you prefer to choose the size yourself, our Girls' Clothing Size Chart is available to assist you."
Can a different pattern be embroidered on the shirt?
Yes, you can choose the embroidery pattern on the shirt or dress according to your taste. If you didn't find the desired pattern on our website, you can send us the embroidery design, and our designer will create the embroidery file. This service is subject to a fee, and the price will be discussed with our managers based on the complexity of the embroidery.
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