Baptism towels and blankets for baby boy

Baptism blanket for a boy by “Mommy’s Sunshine”: love and care for your baby

You were invited to become a godparent for a baby boy and don’t know where to start preparation? We are here for you!

According to the tradition, in some churches, you should give the baby a baptismal towel or blanket to wrap a little one at the ceremony.

It is not just a piece of fabric, but a symbol of sincere faith, immeasurable love and a happy future for the baby:

  • In some churches, wrapping in christening blanket means that from the moment of baptism, the baby is under the God’s protection and gets a Guardian Angel;
  • After the ceremony, the christening towel can be used as a regular blanket or towel;
  • A personalized baptismal blanket with embroidered inscription for a boy can become a family heirloom. You can keep it along with other cute souvenirs from his childhood such as the first strand of hair, cute photos and favorite toys.

We are sure that in our shop you will find a perfect baptismal blanket for your boy!

5 reasons why you should buy a baptismal blanket for a boy made by “Mommy’s Sunshine”:

  • Exceptionally high quality. We are incredibly picky when it comes to the quality of our products. We use only certified hypoallergenic fabrics, such as linen, cotton, delicate velvet and plush. Even for decoration and sewing we choose lace, ribbons and threads made of natural materials. We have a special position of a quality assurance specialist, who is responsible for double-checking every piece of the outfit before packaging. Considering all these, there is no doubt that baptismal blanket will become a favorite blanket of your boy, and he will have exceptionally sweet dreams in it after the baptism. Our blankets are suitable for multiple washings, so they will give joy for you and your baby for a long time;
  • Individual approach. We pay extra attention to small details. We will be happy to add these details to your baptism blanket and embroider an inscription with wishes, metric, prayer or other words to your liking. It takes us up to two weeks to create an individual order from scratch. It is a kind of present that parents will be proud to pass even to their adult son;
  • A wide selection. You can choose almost any baptism blanket for a boy: with a hood, made in classic fashion or embroidered in the Ukrainian national style, with an embroidered prayer or wishes, with or without insulation for different weather conditions. You have a fairly rich choice;
  • Complete christening outfit. If you are looking for the whole baptismal set – you are lucky that you have found us. We offer a complete set which consists of baptismal clothes and accessories. Please contact us if you have any questions, and we will help you to create a one of a kind christening outfit for your baby-boy;
  • Worldwide delivery. Usually it takes us up to 30 days to deliver to any country over the globe (except Russia and Belorussia). Contact us for the updated information about delivery time to your country.

From all our hearts we wish you to have a nice celebration, full of joy, love and smiles. May your children have a happy childhood that will fulfill their hearts with warmth every day of their long life paths.

Frequently asked questions when buying baptismal blankets for boys
What are the most common patterns on baptismal blankets for boys?
The most popular patterns on baptismal blankets for boys are crosses of various shapes and colors. Often, these are lacy crosses embroidered with gold or lurex thread. Angel motifs are also frequently ordered for baptismal blankets.
How many baptismal blankets does a boy need?
Usually, two baptismal blankets are needed — one from the godmother and one from the godfather. However, if you have a few pairs of godparents, it is recommended to check with the priest officiating the baptism ceremony to determine the exact number of blankets you need. The same applies to baptismal candles.
What can be embroidered on baptismal blankets?
Most commonly, names and birth (or baptism) dates are embroidered on baptismal blankets. We also receive orders for embroidering the child's metrics, such as height, weight, time, and date of birth. Godparents often ask to embroider prayers and wishes for the godchildren.
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