Christening sets for boys

Christening sets for boys from “Mommy’s Sunshine”: made with love and expertise

Boy’s christening is a thrilling and important event! Excited guests of the celebration, sincere smiles and good wishes, all this makes baptism unforgettable! And we really want every detail of your holiday to be flawless.

According to traditions, the child should be dressed in new, light colored clothes, which symbolizes that after baptism the baby is under the full God’s protection and gets a Guardian Angel. A christening set is usually bought by parents or godparents.

We do everything for the baby’s comfort. You can buy a christening set for a boy for every taste and budget. And it can become a favorite family heirloom.

6 reasons to buy a christening set for a boy at “Mommy’s Sunshine”: and one is more important than the other!

  1. Boy’s christening sets are made of natural fabrics. Products allow air to circulate, absorb moisture and do not irritate the delicate skin of a newborn. They are safe and comfortable for the boy. This is very important, because the baby will spend quite a long time in clothes for baptism. And after the christening, new parents will definitely want to use such a set.
  2. A huge selection of ornaments, colors and fabrics. We have a nice christening set for any boy! Newborn? One-year old baby? Two years or three years? In our store you will buy a set that perfectly suits the place, the season and meets your aesthetic tastes.
  3. A complete baptismal set for a boy. You can order separate elements of a set for a boy’s baptism: a suit with a hat, a towel, etc. But you will save a lot of time and effort if you buy a complete christening set, where things are combined with each other. The set for a boy includes:
  • newborn outfit (shirt, pants, cap and booties);
  • towels. In some traditions, godparents wipe a boy with a christening towel or blanket. The set includes two pieces for each godparent, but you can order another quantity;
  • an envelope according to the season (summer, winter, demi-season);
  • candles for christening (2 pcs.). They are held by godparents during the ceremony. The number of candles in the christening set can be changed up to your needs;
  • a keepsake bag for the first curl. According to custom, a boy’s first curl is cut off by his godparents. It is carefully preserved as a family heirloom;
  • belt (included in some sets). It makes the christening outfit complete.
  1. Individual approach. Our christening sets are decorated with machine embroidery, so the set can be personalized. We can add any inscription. For example, a baby’s name, good wishes, the date of the boy’s christening. Inform us that you want a personalized set and we will make your blanket flawless;
  2. Reasonable prices for baptismal sets with a towel or blanket. Just check our prices, and they will please you with their high quality and impeccable appearance;
  3. Fast delivery across the world. In 30 days or less, your order will reach any country over the globe.

If you need any help with the size or design, or have other questions, contact our managers. We are always ready to help you!

How to choose a set for the baptism of a boy

In order to choose clothes for a boy’s christening, you need to take a few measurements. The following measurements are required:

  • Baby’s height;
  • Head circumference (optional);
  • Foot length (optional).

If you have any doubts about choosing the right size, contact us. We will be happy to help and advise you on how to choose a christening suit for your boy.

Complete Christening Set for a Baby Boy
What is included in a complete christening set for a baby boy?
A complete set for a baby boy's christening includes a boy's christening outfit (usually a shirt, pants, cap, and booties), 2 baptismal blankets from both godparents, at least 2 candles (for both godparents), a pillow for the cross pendant, and a small keepsake bag for the first lock of hair. Headscarves for mothers and godmothers can also be included as part of the main christening purchases.
Is there a discount available for wholesale orders?
Yes, we have a discount system. We recommend confirming this information with our managers over the phone or checking the "Promotions" section on our website.
Who should purchase the clothing for the christening, and who should purchase the baptismal items?
Usually, the parents buy the clothing, while the godparents purchase the baptismal items and accessories. However, we suggest that parents and godparents join forces and order everything together from our shop. This way, you will save a lot of time and receive a wonderful set where all the elements perfectly complement each other.
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