Christening outfits for boys

Baptismal Outfits for Boys

Christening is one of the most meaningful events in the life of a child and parents. Every detail matters and should be considered. Especially if these details concern the main hero of the festivity. Christening clothes should emphasize the solemnity of the event, be comfortable, elegant, yet neat. We create christening clothes for babies in different styles. You can choose between national and classic costumes, handmade embroidered christening shirts for boys and girls, embroidered dresses, pants, scarves, headbands, caps and booties.

What are the clothes for baptizing?

Depending on the parents’ preferences, the baptism can be styled in a folk or classical fashion. We make handmade and machine-made embroidery for baptismal sets and outfits. Our children’s embroidered shirts combine authentic folk embroidery with a modern cut. A boy’s christening shirt can be supplemented with pants. An embroidered dress for a girl will go well with an embroidered headband.

You can also buy a full christening outfit.

Why to choose christening clothes by “Mommy’s Sunshine?”

Quality. We deeply care about the quality of our products. We work only with trusted suppliers of natural fabrics and threads. Each detail counts, as it touches delicate baby skin;

Wide selection. There are a hundred options of designs for boys baptism clothes. Among them are embroidered christening shirts for boys and girls, children’s embroidered dresses, hats, headbands, booties and waistbands. You can choose between patterns and colors, handmade or machine embroidery;

Uniqueness. We can sew an outfit using your unique design sample, or adjust an existing model according to your likes;

Worldwide delivery. All designs and sizes are always in stock. So, the order will be packed the same day you created it. Delivery by Meest Express takes up to 30 days.

Classic baptismal outfit for boys

We offer classic christening suits. Made of natural fabric, decorated with embroidery, lace and satin ribbons – classic christening suits look fashionable, elegant and cute. We offer a wide color palette for boys and girls.

A classic christening set consists of a christening suit, a baptismal blanket and accessories (blanket envelope, headband, candles, a bag for the first curl and a pillow for the cross pendant). You can order an additional embroidery for the baptismal blanket, such as an embroidered name or date of the christening. It can be machine or handmade embroidered inscription.

Number of baptism blankets and candles is to your liking. Just pick the desired amount when placing an order.

You can buy a full christening set or its separate items. Choosing a set means that you will get a full outfit where every piece is matching with each other. It provides a complete look which will look lovely at your festive photos.

We use only natural materials and fabrics for our christening clothes and accessories. We pay special attention to the baby’s comfort. That’s why all stitches in our products are hidden and elastic bands are free enough to not squeeze the baby’s hands or legs. Quality materials allow multiple washings, so your baby boy can wear his christening suit many times after the baptizing.

We deliver worldwide with Meest Express (except Russia and Belorussia).

Ukrainian baptismal sets

We create boys’ christening clothes in the Ukrainian folk fashion. Our outfits combine modern cut and traditional embroidery.

We decorate baptism sets with machine embroidery. At your request, we offer unique sets, embroidering baby’s name on the baptism blankets.

The complete christening set includes everything you might need for christening: a christening suit, a baptismal blanket, christening accessories. You won’t have to spend time looking for matching clothes and accessories. Everything will come in a one box and you will have more time to spend with the ones you love.

If you already have something prepared, you can buy separate items from the set.

How do we create traditional Ukrainian christening outfits and sets

We are deeply in love with traditional Ukrainian embroidery and take it as a source of endless inspiration. Every design is born out of creative interpretation of the ancient ornaments.

Creating things for babies is caring for them. We empower creative approaches with high quality materials. We use only natural hypoallergenic fabrics and threads. All embroidered ornaments are covered with an additional layer of lining on the reverse side. So, the baby would feel only a gentle touch of the natural fabric.

Frequently asked questions when buying clothes for baptism for a boy
How to properly measure a baby?
"To choose the right size of baby's clothing, you only need to take one key measurement – their height. We recommend laying the baby on a flat surface and measuring their height with a measuring tape – from the top of their head to their heel (try to straighten their foot for a more accurate measurement). If you're unsure if you measured the height accurately, please refer to our Size Chart (please provide the link to the size chart)."
What should I do if I choose the wrong size?
"If you have selected the wrong size and haven't worn or removed the tags from the item, you have the right to exchange it within 14 days of purchase according to the Ukrainian Law on Consumer Protection. For more details on our exchange policy, you can refer to the ""Return and Exchange Policy"" section on our website (please provide the link). If you wish to exchange the size of the clothing, you can send the item back to us, cover the shipping cost, and coordinate the details with your manager. We always strive to accommodate our customers. However, to save your time and money, we kindly ask you to take accurate measurements of your baby before placing an order."
When can I receive the product?
Our production is located in Lviv, Ukraine. Therefore, if you are in Lviv, you can pick up your item on the day of the order at our self-pickup point. If the item is not in stock, the production time is 1-3 days. If your order is urgent, we ask you to place the order on our website and call us additionally.
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