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Baptismal blankets by “Mommy’s Sunshine”: love and care in every stitch

Christening is a touching moment in a newborn’s life. During the event, the baby gets God’s protection and two close people – godparents. According to the old custom, during the ceremony they wrap a child in a baptism blanket. It symbolizes God’s bliss and the responsibility that godparents gain from now on.

So, if you were invited to become a godmother or a godfather, it is time to choose a baptismal blanket. We will be happy to help you with this honorable mission.

Christening blankets for affordable prices

We offer baptismal blankets decorated with handmade and machine-made embroidery. You can order embroidery with name inscription for boys and girls.

We use only natural hypoallergenic materials: natural linen and batiste. For decoration, we use lace made of linen or batiste fabrics and cotton mouliné floss for embroidery. Some models are decorated with lurex threads and beads.

We create designs and have our own manufacture for baptism clothing and accessories. It helps us to create christening blankets for low prices, as we don’t pay for additional supply services. We are proud that every family can afford our christening sets.

Blankets with handmade embroidery have a somewhat higher price as they are made for an individual order. Machine-made embroidery costs less, but our employees’ skills and equipment make it look great at the christening and many years after it.

Check the assortment of our baptismal blankets and make an order right now. Or give us a call and create your own unique design. We can embroider baby’s and godparents’ names, date of birth and christening, short wishes. You can decorate the blanket with any additional embroidered inscription or ornament.

What is baptismal blankets

This is a blanket in which a baby is wrapped during the christening. It has been used at baptisms since ancient times. After baptism, the blanket can serve as a usual baby blanket. It is believed that a baptismal blanket can be used only by a person who was baptized in it. Such blankets cannot be transferred for the baptism of other children. This is a very personal thing that is chosen specifically for each child. After the ceremony, the christening blanket is kept as a family heirloom. There is a belief that it cannot be thrown away or given to anyone except the godparents.

How to buy a baptismal blanket

Traditionally, baptism blankets are white. Sometimes the godparents match them to the color of the christening outfit, choosing soft pink or soft blue colors.

The only hard requirement for them is natural fabric and threads.

In some churches, each of the godparents must have a separate baptismal blanket. They can be different or the same.

We will be happy to bring any of your ideas to life: individual inscriptions, ornaments or unique colors. Please note that it may take up to two weeks to create an individual order. The manufacturing time depends on the type of embroidery (handmade or machine-made).

We deliver baptismal blankets all over the world by Meest Express. The delivery time is up to 30 days.

The team of “Mommy’s Sunshine” sincerely congratulates all children on their baptism. Let every child be surrounded by love and care, and their childhood will be happy and carefree!

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