Baptismal cross pillow

Pillow case for a cross pendant

Christening pillows for the cross pendant

At “Mommy’s Sunshine”, we have a wide selection of pillows for the cross pendant: embroidered, decorated with satin ribbons or lace, in color and style that is matching the full christening set. These decorative pillows will look especially beautiful in photos that remain as a memory of the Sacrament of Baptism.

A pillow for a cross pendant is an important detail of the ceremony. Godparents often choose this accessory as a christening gift. Although its function might seem insignificant, the beauty is sometimes hidden in details. After the christening, this decorative pillow can be used as a stand for the cross pendant, or simply as a decorative element of the interior.

If you want to buy a pillow case for a cross pendant, just place an order and wait for delivery. We deliver worldwide. It takes up to 30 days to deliver your package anywhere over the globe.

Frequently asked questions when buying a pillow for a cross
What is the purpose of the pillow for the cross pendant?
The pillow for the cross pendant serves to beautifully present the pendant during the baptism ceremony. Choose luxurious lace pillows, especially if you have invited a photographer to the christening.
Can the embroidery on the cross pendant pillow be done using the same thread as the baby's outfit?
Yes, it can be done. Please specify this in the comments of your order or inform our manager during a phone call.
What is the size of the cross pillows?
We make pillows for the cross pendantst in various sizes, ranging from 11*11 cm to 25*25 cm, taking into account the lace design.
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