What is the full baptismal set? Who buys it, where and when? What is the full baptismal set? Who buys it, where and when?

What is the full baptismal set? Who buys it, where and when?

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Baptism is an important event for families who want to include a newborn child in the Christian community and its traditions. No matter what denomination you belong to, one of the key elements of baptism is the baptismal set.

In different Christian churches, the rite of the Sacrament of Baptism has its own characteristics. For example, in some Orthodox churches godparents are asked to have two baptismal blankets, in others churches one blanket is enough. In Catholic churches, instead of a large blanket, they use a small embroidered napkin.

Also, the content of the set depends on family traditions. Someone chooses lavishly decorated clothes and accessories, and for others it is important to be a simple white outfit without any decorations.

However, regardless of the religious community and personal preferences, there are standard elements that will come in handy at any baptism.

What does a complete baptismal set consist of?

  1. A set of clothes. A dress for a girl or a shirt for a boy, pants, a hat, booties. Instead of a hat, you can choose a headband, and replace the booties with socks;
  2. Baptismal blanket. Usually two, one for each of the godparents. It can be plain white, or decorated with embroidery or lace;
  3. Envelope. Insulated or not, regarding the weather and time of the year;
  4. Two candles. It is better to choose candles decorated with a “skirt” so that the melted wax does not drip on your hands during the ceremony;
  5. Pillow for a cross pendant. It is an optional accessory. However, this is a nice decoration for the photo from the event. You can also store a cross pendant on it during the first years of a baby’s life, when it is still too early to wear a chain;
  6. Keepsake bag for the first curl. Not in all churches, it is usual to cut the first strand of hair. But even if it is not common for your tradition, you will be able to use it after the first haircut. And always remember what color your baby’s first soft hair was;
  7. A headscarf for mom. In some traditions, mothers cover their heads with a scarf. We advise you to choose an elegant lace veil. Because mom did a great job, and she also deserves special care.

It is best to buy everything in a ready-made set. This will save you time and effort in searching for suitable clothes and accessories. And you don’t have to look for booties that match the suit in different stores.

Who buys a baptismal kit?

Usually, parents or godparents choose clothes and accessories. They can also be the child’s grandparents. It is best to discuss this in advance. So you will be sure that during the ceremony you will definitely have everything you need.

If you are godparents or other relatives who have been delegated the choice and purchase of a set, remember that the word of the parents still has the most weight. Ask them if they want to use the christening blanket after the christening as a regular one, or if they plan to dress the baby in christening clothes for other occasions. Or maybe they would like to put everything in a box and keep it as a family memory. You can use these answers as a starting point when choosing a set. And so, buy exactly the one that the baby’s mother and father dream about.

When to buy a christening kit?

Sometimes parents plan to baptize their child immediately after discharge from maternity care. And they buy everything necessary for baptism even before the birth of the child, focusing on the data of the ultrasound examination. In other cases, it is best to buy clothes about two weeks before the event. There is no point in buying much in advance, because you do not yet know how the baby will gain weight and whether the clothes will become too small. Putting the task off until the last moment means making it stressful. In addition, if you want to buy a set with individual embroidery, then it takes up to 7 working days to make it, plus delivery.

How to choose a christening set?

There are two ways to purchase a christening kit: simple and difficult. In a difficult case, you need to continue searching. If you want to simplify your life, then order a ready-made baptismal set in our online store. This is the most convenient way because:

  • All clothes and accessories in the full set are made in the same style and have the same decoration;
  • You can add the embroidered initials of the child to the blanket or clothes. The date of christening, birth, wishes from godparents or short prayers can also be embroidered on the baptismal blanket;
  • At your request, we can make changes in designs. Such as changing the color of embroidery, length of dresses, sleeves, mix styles from different sets;
  • During the ceremony, the priest anoints the leg, chest and hands. All our outfits have easy access to these areas. If the shirt is easily unbuttoned, and the leg is simply taken out of the booties, then the little one can peacefully watch sweet dreams and not even wake up;

No matter what clothes and decorations you choose, and regardless of whether the christening celebration will be in a restaurant with a dozen guests, or just the closest will gather at home – do not forget to bring peace and joy with you. After all, the youngest part of your family gains the most valuable relationships and God’s protection.

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