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About us

Hello! My name is Julia and I am happy to welcome you to our website!

I am the founder of the workshop and the registered trademark “Mama’s Sunshine”. We have been sewing christening suits and sets for 12 years. I was inspired to take this path by the christening of my daughter, who is now 14 years old.

I really wanted to dress her beautifully, comfortably, warmly and differently from all the other children. But I didn’t find anything worthy and sewed the costume myself. And then I started sewing for christenings for the children of my friends and relatives. And she got so carried away that she opened a workshop.

Now we sew costumes and christening sets for boys and girls. In addition to costumes, we also make kryzhma, envelopes and discharge kits, and christening accessories.

To the catalogue
90 000 orders for 12 years
90 000

orders for
12 years

73 000+ and even more baptised babies
73 000+

and even more baptised babies

35 400 sets of baptismal clothes sewn
35 400

sets of baptismal clothes sewn

68 000 tailored
68 000


We sew with soul and care.
And these are not just words!
We sew with soul and care. And these are not just words!
Only unique designs
We sew only what we have invented ourselves. We do not reproduce, copy or imitate. We make costumes with embroidered folk elements and classic festive clothes.
Quality control
We have a separate position - a quality controller. This is a person who additionally checks each product before sending it out. The model, seams, stitches, recipient's details - everything must be perfect. Otherwise, it is returned for revision.
Consultation and support
Our phone and Viber numbers are +38(063)-43-62-665 or +38(068)-33-64-919. Our consultants work almost around the clock to help you choose the right size, model, make changes to your order and answer all your questions. We have an active Instagram page where you can chat with our managers, discuss the details of your order and share your impressions after the purchase.
Highly skilled tailors
Mama's Sun employs not just seamstresses, but dressmakers who create completely finished products. Each dressmaker undergoes several weeks of training before starting work to master the nuances of sewing for tiny customers. By the way, our head of the sewing department joined us as a tailor 6 years ago. We encourage the growth and professional development of each of our employees.
Process equipment
All employees work in a new workshop and with new equipment. We don't use second-hand equipment because we care about the safety of our people and the quality of our products. We have a sewing, cutting and embroidery department.
Natural raw materials
We use natural Ukrainian linen, Turkish plush and velour on a natural basis. We sew only with Polish threads and decorate our products with Turkish lace. We don't use cheap Chinese analogues, so our products are worn for a long time and retain their good looks even after repeated washing.
We sew faster than couriers deliver
Thanks to our well-established operations and large staff, we are able to produce our products in record time. You can receive your individual order within 1 day from the date of ordering and payment of the advance. In the case of an urgent order, please leave an order on the website and indicate in the comments the desired delivery time or the date of the christening. Also, many products are in stock and can be picked up immediately in the store or we will send the goods to your city by Nova Poshta or Ukrposhta on the day of order).
Eco-friendly packaging
We pack in paper and gift cardboard boxes. We use almost no polyethylene. Each order is sent in festive gift wrapping. We add the rules for the care of TM Mama's Sun products and a greeting card.
Free fluoride treatments for children
We invite parents with children to the photo shoot of the new collection. Guests receive all the processed photos for free. We hold such photo shoots several times a year, and announcements about the recruitment of children are published on social media. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and get nice bonuses and participate in photo shoots, promotions and gift draws!
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Ready-made baptismal kits

Order complete baptismal sets in 1 click! Save your time!

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