Christening candles and accessories

Accessories for baptism

How to choose and buy accessories for baptism

Besides a baptismal clothes and blanket, a christening kit consists of many important little things. We provide young parents with such baptismal accessories: envelopes, candles, pillows for the cross pendant, bags for the first strand of hair.

Envelopes for baptism. We make summer, winter and demi-season envelopes. The baby will feel comfortable and cozy at any time of the year. An insulated winter option protects against the harsh weather, and a light summer envelope allows the child to feel light and cozy. We offer classic and embroidered envelopes with handmade or machine embroidery.

Candles for baptism. We decorate candles with a special “skirt” made of embroidery and lace. It is not just beautiful, but also a practical solution that protects hands from melted wax. The embroidery on the “skirt” is up to your liking, we suggest choosing one that harmonizes with the rest of the set.

A pillow for a cross pendant. It is a small but important detail of the ceremony. A cross pendant rests on it, like rings during a wedding ceremony. We make pillows with hand and machine embroidery, decorated with lace.

A bag for the first strand of hair. You can keep the first curl of your baby and turn it into a family heirloom.

You can buy accessories for baptism separately, or with a complete set made in the same style.

We deliver over the globe. Delivery by Meest Express usually takes up to 30 days.

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