First haircut curl keepsake

First curl keepsake bag by “Mommy’s Sunshine”: keep your good memory nearby

We believe that every little detail at a christening matters. Starting from the venue where the ceremony will take place to the christening accessories. One of the most touching details is the first curl bag.

Baptismal first curl pouch: an item that preserves family history

In some traditions, during the sacrament of baptism, the priest cuts a few hairs from the child’s head. For many years, this tiny curl reminds parents of the time when their son or daughter was a baby. It keeps memories about their first smile, the first word and the top of the head that smelled so sweet.

According to tradition, relatives keep the first strand, and then give the bag with it to the adult son or daughter as a personal amulet.

There is another wonderful tradition: on the first birthday, godparents visit the baby to symbolically cut the first curl. It is also stored in a special bag.

We offer both kinds of the first curl keepsake bags. As with all other items, we add a lot of love and care to each bag we make.

A first curl bag: beauty within details

Christening details create a sacred and touching atmosphere: they are like beads being assembled into a necklace of memory. Among those small pearls is also a bag for the first curl:

  • A bag for the first strand of hair can be bought separately or as a part of a set. The christening accessories set consists of the bag, a pillow for the cross pendant and baptismal candles decorated with embroidery. The whole set has a flawless look as all items are made of the same fabric and are decorated with the same ornament. It also looks great at photos taken at the ceremony;
  • You can order a personalized accessory set. We can add embroidered inscriptions to the baptismal blankets, such as the baby’s name, date of birth, baptism or metric. Or any other inscription that will warm your heart. It takes us up to 7 days to make a personalized set;
  • Our first curl bags look splendid for years, as they are made of high-quality certified fabrics and threads. We use only natural lace and ribbons. After many years, you will be able to pass it on to a grown-up child as a family heirloom;
  • The price of the basic bag model will fit into the most tight budget. We sell christening accessories wholesale and retail. A whole baptismal accessory set consists of a bag, a cozy baptismal blanket, two candles and a pillow for the cross pendant;
  • We deliver worldwide. It takes up to 30 days to deliver to any country over the globe.

We send our sincere congratulations to all children who are getting ready to the sacrament of baptism. May love, kindness and peace illuminate your life path!

Frequently asked questions when buying a bag for the first curl
Can you embroider a name on the bag?
Yes, you can have the baby's name embroidered on the bag for the first lock of hair. In fact, it's our specialty. We embroider personalized bags for the first lock of hair.
What are the sizes of the bags?
Depending on the type of decoration, our bags for storing the first lock of hair can come in sizes such as 14*20 cm or 14*22 cm.
Can the embroidery be different or not included at all?
Yes, we can customize the design of the bag according to your taste. You can add lace or remove it altogether. The same applies to the embroidery design.
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