Personalized embroidered christening blankets and towels

Personalized baptismal blanket

Baptism blanket is an extremely individual thing that can only be used by the person who was christening in it. We make personalized blankets and towels for your baby by embroidering the child’s name, date of birth, metric, wishes, prayers or any other inscriptions. Embroidered blankets can later serve as regular blankets for the baby, or simply be a memory of the christening day.

It takes us up to two weeks to create a blanket by your design from scratch. If you are short in time, you can choose one of the in-stock blankets and adjust its design according to your wishes.

We offer a plenty of ready-made designs: with crocheted edges, decorated with various types of lace, embroidered ornaments, handmade and machine embroidery. All christening blankets are sewn from natural linen and batiste fabric, which are hypoallergenic materials. On the reverse side of embroidered blankets, we add the additional layer of linen, so your baby would feel only a gentle touch of the natural fabric.

In some traditions, each of the godparents must have their blanket at the christening. They can be the same, or different, but they should fit the rest of the christening outfit.

To make it easier for parents to choose, we sew ready-made sets of clothes and accessories, you can view them at the link.

We make personalized baptism blankets by a special inquiry. It takes up to two weeks to create one. It might take less time, depending on the type of embroidery (handmade or machine-made) and the overall design complexity.

We deliver worldwide. For additional information about delivery to your country – feel free to contact us.

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