Christening sets for babies

Christening complete set by “Mommy’s Sunshine”: be 100% ready for the celebration

Christening is a day to remember for all family members. It is time, when the baby receives God’s protection and also gets two more loving people – godparents. It is a day when each detail matters, especially when it comes to the baby’s outfit. It should be elegant to emphasize the solemnity of the moment, and at the same time comfortable.

It is easier said than done. However, our team knows how to solve the task and provide you with a christening set and save you time and energy. So, you will be free of worries and able to spend time with people you love while we will take care about the christening outfit and accessories.

How to choose and buy a christening set: 5 tips from “Mommy’s Sunshine”:

We believe that a well-chosen christening set is one that will be worn even after the christening. It can even become a family heirloom after it. These tiny shirts and booties, velour hats and soft towels simply will surely make you emotional. To buy such a set pay attention to these advices:

  1. Consider the season when choosing a set. If the child’s christening is planned for the summer, choose a christening set made of thin, light fabrics (linen or cotton), in which the baby will not get hot. Velor baptism sets are ideal for the off-season and the first cold weather, warmer ones are good for winter;
  2. Measure the height of the child. This is the main parameter to choose the right baptism outfit for a newborn. Also measure the head and the length of the legs. If you are buying a christening outfit as a gift and don’t know the exact size, contact our managers. They will help you choose a clothing set, relying on the age of the baby. We have luxurious christening sets for newborns, babies and toddlers;
  3. Take into account the gender. Most models are unisex: they are suitable for both boys and girls and are made in white, pastel, ivory colors. However, you may have your own idea of what a little prince or princess should look like;
  4. Pay attention to the fabric. Baptism sets should be made of exclusively natural fabrics. Cotton, linen or velvet are the best choice. They feel nice on skin, absorb moisture and allow air circulation. They also do not irritate skin. At the same time, christening accessories which are not in direct touch with the baby’s body can have synthetic materials. For example, a keepsake bag for the first curl, envelope or a headband can be decorated with a decorative flower or a ribbon;
  5. Rely on your taste. The christening outfit and accessories are not only about convenience, but also about the values, likes and dislikes of the baby’s parents. That is why someone is touched by Ukrainian national baptismal gowns, while the other remains delighted with classic models. Our advice is to kiss the baby, listen to yourself and then go to our online store for the perfect baptism set.

Why choose “Mommy’s Sunshine”? There are at least seven reasons.

Christening set: 7 reasons to trust “Mommy’s Sunshine”:

We are truly in love with our business. It is our mission to create high-quality and beautiful children’s clothes and accessories for christenings. We realize the importance of each detail, look and smile for you during the christening. That’s why we offer:

  • Impeccable quality of baptismal sets. We use exclusively natural fabrics from European and Turkish manufacturers to sew christening sets. They allow air circulation and do not cause allergic reactions, which is confirmed by international certification. All the seams on the christening outfit and baptismal blankets are neatly stitched and hidden so as not to irritate the baby’s delicate skin. We use high quality threads from a Polish manufacturer. Before sending the package, the quality controller checks the whole set one more time to make sure that everything is excellent;
  • A wide range of sets for christening babies. In our store you will find christening sets for any season. From light linen sets with a blanket to winter velour suits with a warm envelope and blanket. We offer white christening sets with white-on-white embroidery and sets in soft ivory colors. Also you can order an Ukrainian national christening outfit;
  1. An individual approach. We create a personalized baptism set with name embroidery. Also we offer wholesale and retail options. You can order a personalized set with an embroidered name, date of birth or baptism, metrics and wishes from godparents. An embroidered set will be carefully kept in the family for many years, reminding of the christening, and then solemnly handed over to an adult child. It takes us up to two weeks to create an individual order;
  2. Always in-stock options. There are many things you need to do before baptism: decide on the venue for the ceremony, prepare new clothes, invite guests, organize an after-party, and this list is still far from complete. But you save time and energy by purchasing a complete christening set. It includes:
  • a set of baptismal clothes (trousers, shirt (for boys)/dress (for girls), booties, cap or headband);
  • 2 christening towels (christening blankets) for both godparents;
  • envelope (summer, demi-season or winter);
  • a set of candles (2 candles that the godparents should have during the ceremony);
  • a bag for the baby’s first curl;
  • for some sets additionally – a pillow for a cross pendant. A detail to create a festive atmosphere.
  1. All items from the set are made in one fashion. It looks gorgeous both in real life and in photos from the celebrations. The family photo album will be filled with photos, the baby’s wardrobe will be filled with wonderful things from the set, and your memory will be filled with pleasant memories of the holiday. Additionally, we offer symbolic presents to the godparents: photo frames, cups and embroidered towels with an inscription;
  2. Affordable prices for baptism sets with a towel. Looking for a high-quality christening set with embroidery for a nice price? Top-notch quality from a Ukrainian manufacturer? This mission is possible! Our managers will be happy to select a set for baptism according to your preferences and wallet.
  3. Eco-friendly packaging. Creating baptism sets for children, we dream that all babies live in an ecologically safe environment. They must stomp their feet on the green silky grass, drink clean water and eat the world’s tastiest fruits from their grandmother’s garden. Therefore we rationally use natural resources during manufacturing and pack products only in recyclable paper.

Fast delivery of wholesale and retail baptism sets. We deliver to any country within 30 days.

We sincerely congratulate each child with the baptism and wish a bright, joyful childhood surrounded by loving people. May God and the Guardian Angel protect you on all life’s paths!

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