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Christening envelopes and blankets by “Mommy’s Sunshine”: wrap your baby in happiness!

The birth of a baby is a grand event in every family. There are so many unforgettable moments ahead for the young parents. They will remember each of their “the first time” events: how they go out for a walk together, how the baby meets the whole extended family and how it was at the christening ceremony and its after-party.

We can help to make these moments flawless and offer newborn envelopes to make the baby feel comfortable.

Here are a few tips on how to choose the right envelope for a newborn.

TOP-7 tips on how to buy the perfect envelope for baptism:

Your baby will have a cozy nap if you choose the right newborn envelope. Here are a few hints to consider:

  • Time of year. Winter envelopes usually are insulated with sintepon, velour or other warm material. It will keep your baby warm and cozy. The demi-season envelopes (spring-autumn) are sewn from thinner materials, and are insulated with plush or terry cloth. A summer envelope for a newborn should be made of light, “breathable” materials that will protect against wind and street dust, but wouldn’t be too warm for the baby. They can be muslin, cotton or linen;
  • Baby gender. Most christening blankets and envelopes are white. We also offer models decorated with lace and ribbons that are loved by baby girls’ parents. More simple models are often chosen for the baby boy. Of course, there is no trouble if you want to wrap your boy in lace or buy a simple white envelope for a girl. In both cases, you will create a sweet look that will melt any heart;
  • Size. The baby’s height, weight and size of a head are indicated in the ultrasound examination before birth. This data will help you choose the right size for the very first envelope. Keep in mind that if the envelope is too small, it will restrict the baby’s movements. If it is too large, the baby will feel uncomfortable and may feel cold. If there is no accurate information about the baby’s parameters, it is recommended to take the standard size;
  • Choose right between the blanket and the envelope. Newborn babies grow out of envelopes and cocoons so fast. However, these accessories look so lovely in the first baby pictures. They are wonderful if you are going to buy them for the festivity and if it is okay for your budget to buy a new one soon. An optimal solution is to choose a baby blanket with a simple decoration. It can be used as a regular blanket for a long time;
  • Functionality and ease of use. All zippers, buttons, fasteners on the hood must work flawlessly. It guarantees that the newborn can be quickly placed in and out of the envelope and wouldn’t feel cold or irritated;
  • Aesthetic preferences of parents. There are numerous options of the newborn envelopes: with a zipper or buttons, with ears and with a crown, transformers and cocoons, winter, summer and autumn models. The variety of choices can make your head spin. Our managers can help you find the right one for you. Just contact us and tell us what you like. Also, you may keep an eye on personalized envelopes and blankets with embroidered inscription. We also offer traditional Ukrainian embroidery patterns and adapt them in a modern way;
  • The envelope manufacturer. Before buying a christening envelope or a blanket, you should make sure that they are made of certified materials that meet safety standards. The responsible manufacturer will be happy to provide documents. It is worth reading reviews on the Internet and clarifying all important questions, such as size, model and the possibility of exchanging/returning the product.

By buying our newborn envelopes and blankets, you also support the Ukrainian economy and freedom.

If you are looking for a cute, safe and affordable baptismal blanket or envelope, welcome to our online store!

8 reasons why do kids and their parents choose envelopes by “Mommy’s Sunshine”:

We are passionate about our work. We sew children’s christening clothes and accessories with deep love for every kid on the planet. Designs and patterns might be changing, but there are things that are always true to us:

  • Impeccable quality. We use only natural fabrics and threads. It allows air to reach the skin and absorb moisture, it does not cause allergy, and it feels nice to be wrapped in it. Our envelopes and blankets can easily withstand multiple washings, preserving a decent look. Colors don’t fade after being exposed to the sun. All seams are securely stitched. The quality controller carefully checks each item before packaging, to be sure that the baby will feel nice and cozy;
  • A wide selection of affordable envelopes. We can proudly say that we have an envelope and a blanket for every child. Warm winter, demi-season and summer, for boys and girls, transformers and regular ones. Each envelope or blanket can be complemented with a set of christening clothes in the same style;
  • Individual approach. We believe that each newborn is a separate, beautiful universe. And this universe deserves to have a special everything, including an envelope. We offer blankets and envelopes with personalized embroidery. We can embroider the name of the baby, the date of baptism or birth, metric or wishes. Such a blanket can become a family heirloom. Also, we can create an envelope according to your sketch or add some unique details to one of our ready-made models. It takes us up to 7 days to create an individual order;
  • All you need in one package. Being a young parent can be tough. That’s why we created a whole baptismal set with everything you need for a christening ceremony. The set consists of festive clothes, a blanket or envelope, candles, pillow case for a cross pendant and a keepsake bag for the first curl. Our managers can help you to collect the set so that all items will suit each other. Just one order will set you free from the tiresome shopping;
  • Affordable price. Just check prices at our catalog. No need to say more here;
  • Lovely pictures. It is so important to preserve all cherished memories. Our blankets and envelopes look fantastic in pictures. Create a family album that will bring you back to these happy moments after many years;
  • Eco-friendly. Creating products for children, we can’t remain indifferent to the environment where they will have to grow up. We pack our envelopes in recycled wrapping paper and a paper bag. No plastic. When sewing products, we try to use resources as carefully as possible;
  • Worldwide delivery. We send products to almost any country over the globe. In 30 days or less, you will get your package, no matter where you are.

We wish all children a happy childhood surrounded by loving people who love them. May the sky above their head be peaceful, and all life paths be pleasant.

Frequently asked questions when buying an envelope and blanket for a statement
"What fabrics do we use for making going-home envelopes? "
We exclusively use natural fabrics for making going-home envelopes for newborns. We use natural linen, velour, jersey, and plush. The envelopes are insulated with various densities of synthetic padding depending on the season.
What kind of insulation is used in the going-home envelopes?
The envelopes with zippers and the transformer envelopes are insulated with synthetic padding of various densities, depending on the season.
Can the lace on the envelopes be changed?
Yes, you can choose lace from the available assortment in our workshop. For this, please give us a text or a call.
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