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Frequently asked questions when buying shawls for godparents and mothers
What is a headscarf, and is it necessary for the church?
A palatine is a festive headscarf worn on the head for christenings. One of the advantages of a palatine is that it does not ruin the hairstyle, does not squeeze the hair, and suits almost everyone. During the christening ceremony in the church, the godmother and the baby's mother should have their heads covered. We recommend using modern and beautiful headscarfs for christenings!
How to wear a headscarf, and does it stay in place?
When you receive our headscarf, we advise you to practice wearing it at home in front of a mirror to figure out how to wear it nicely. If you have a hairstyle, you can leave the palatine without securing it with anything; it will stay in place on its own. If you have straight hair, the palatine may slide on smooth hair, and it's better to fix it with hairpins.
Are there child-sized headscarfs?
Yes, we make palatines for both children and adults. They have the same design but differ in size. You can choose matching palatines for mothers and daughters. For teenagers, we recommend getting adult-sized headscarfs.
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