How to Choose a Going-Home Baby Envelope: Tips and Recommendations for Parents How to Choose a Going-Home Baby Envelope: Tips and Recommendations for Parents

How to Choose a Going-Home Baby Envelope: Tips and Recommendations for Parents

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May, 2024May, 2024

Returning home from the maternity hospital is a momentous event for all parents. It is the time when a newborn baby first encounters the outside world, inhales fresh air, and feels the first gentle breeze on their cheeks. Although it may only take a few minutes from the hospital doors to the car doors, we want to make those moments perfect. A going-home baby envelope helps provide comfort and protection for the little one.

Is a newborn envelope a must have accessory?

The need for a blanket varies depending on the season. It is an essential accessory for the cold season, but it is also useful for summer and spring. For example, if it’s hot outside, you can dress the baby in a light short-sleeved bodysuit and wrap them in a thin cotton blanket. It won’t make them hot, but it will protect them from the sun and wind. Moreover, blankets and cocoons cover the baby, resembling the cozy environment of the mother’s womb. This helps babies feel safe and behave more calmly.

How to choose a going-home newborn envelope

  1. Material. Pay attention to the blanket fabric. It should be natural, made of linen or cotton. Even if the envelope has insulation, the lining should be made of natural materials. Synthetic fabrics can cause irritation, increased sweating, and it feels bad for the skin. The baby’s comfort is important, as it is the comfort of everyone around. If you are unsure about the quality of a product, don’t hesitate to ask the manufacturer for quality certificates or other proof of the product’s reliability;
  2. Size. Choose a blanket that corresponds to the baby’s height and weight. In an overly spacious blanket, the baby may feel cold, while a tight one will restrict their movements. You can opt for a universal transformer blanket that unfolds into a small blanket. This is a great choice because you won’t have to think about which blanket to take for walks when the baby outgrows the initial one;
  3. Convenience. Check the number and placement of fasteners on the blanket. It should provide easy access to the baby. Ideally, the zippers or buttons should be positioned in a way that allows you to change the diaper without completely removing the baby from the blanket. Alternatively, it should be quick and convenient for all involved;
  4. Warmth and protection. Choose envelopes that will keep baby warm during the cold seasons but won’t overheat them in warmer weather. For winter, choose insulated models, while demi-season blankets can be slightly padded with plush. Simple single-layer options are best for summer. Keep in mind that the blanket should not only provide warmth but also ensure moisture absorption in case the baby gets too hot;
  5. Appearance. Rely on your taste when buying a blanket. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from: minimalist solid colors, embroidered patterns, flower decorations, ribbons, or beads. If you plan to have a christening shortly after the baby’s birth, you can purchase a blanket that matches the christening outfit.
  6. Important: Remember that regardless of the envelope model you choose, it must be removed before placing the baby in a car seat. This rule applies to other outerwear as well. Otherwise, the baby won’t be securely fastened with safety straps and may slip out of the seat during sudden braking.

Following these tips you will be able to choose the perfect going-home blanket for your sweet little one. Consider the season, size, quality, rely on your inner desires and feelings, and you will find The One going-home baby blanket that will provide comfort and protection. It will give you peace of mind and pleasant memories captured in photos of your precious newborn’s first days.

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