Baptismal Blanket. What Is It And What Is It Needed For? Baptismal Blanket. What Is It And What Is It Needed For?

Baptismal Blanket. What Is It And What Is It Needed For?

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The ritual that accompanies the Sacrament of Baptism has evolved over centuries, influenced by both universal church rules and national and local traditions. Each part and element of the ritual holds its sacred significance. One of such elements is the baptismal blanket or towel. What is it, where to buy it, and how to choose it right – we’ll tell you in this article.

What is baptismal blanket?

Baptismal blanket or towel is an important attribute at baptisms in Orthodox and Catholic churches. It is a large piece of fabric in which the child is wrapped after the baptismal bath. This blanket symbolizes the new spiritual garment, signifying the beginning of the newly converted Christian life. That’s why the blanket is usually white. In some churches, they ask to bring plain coverings without inscriptions or colorful embroidery. This is not a mandatory requirement, but it’s worth clarifying this with the priest who performs the Sacrament of Baptism.

Which baptism blanket to choose?

It’s best to choose a christening blanket according to your needs. Let’s briefly consider the most popular options, so you can buy the one that suits you best.

  1. Plain white blanket: This is a universal model that suits everyone. To add solemnity, the edges can be decorated with light white lace. The main requirement for such a blanket is naturalness. It should be made of linen, batiste, or cotton fabric;
  2. Embroidered blanket: This type of covering comes in handy if your church doesn’t have a mandatory requirement for a completely white cloth. You can decorate this accessory with embroidered crosses, angels, or go even further and make it personalized with the baby’s name or metrics;
  3. Personalized blanket: Sometimes, parents want to turn the covering into a personal keepsake of the baptism. In this case, you can embroider the baby’s name, the names of the godparents, the date of baptism, short wishes, or prayers from the godparents;
  4. Terry cloth christening towel: A great option for baptisms in cold weather or in old cold churches. This model instantly absorbs moisture, ensuring that the baby will be dry and comfortable.

Regardless of which christening blanket you choose, we recommend buying it together with a complete baptismal set in a specialized store for baptismal items. This way, the clothing and all accessories will create one ensemble that will embellish the celebration and photos from it.

Who buys the baptismal blanket?

Traditionally, the godparents. Sometimes, it’s the baby’s close relatives who buy it. Another option is that the parents themselves choose the blanket and simply tell the godparents where to buy the selected model. The same principle can apply to the baptismal clothing.

What to do with the baptismal blanket after the ceremony?

Just like baptismal clothing, you can continue using it after the baptism, or you can keep it as a memory. What to do with it is entirely up to you. Depending on its design and style, the christening blanket can be repurposed into a towel, blanket, or stroller covering.

Choose a design, cut, and decor that warms your heart at the baptism and beyond. After all, it’s a special day for you and your baby. Fill it with love and care from all possible sources.

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